Winners 2018

Consumer Choice Award

The Consumer Choice Award is the highest award given to life companies that excel at servicing their policyholders and delivering on their promises to claims customers.

This award acknowledges the exemplary performance that winners and finalists deliver across an enormous range of touch-points that they have with their policyholders and claims customers. These awards are given to companies that provide a consistently high level of service across all aspects of customer care.

Winner: OnePath

Finalist: ClearView

Policyholder Choice Awards

As many consumers hold insurance policies and haven’t yet made a claim, the Policyholder Choice Awards recognise outstanding customer service of life insurance companies towards advised policyholders as well as the value (other than insurance protection) that insurers provide such as health and wellness programs, communication and other initiatives. 

Value for Money

The Value for Money Award recognises the companies that new customers rate most highly in providing policy value for money.  This award acknowledges that in order to make insurance more accessible to as many people as possible insurance must be affordable.

“I’m very happy with the low premium and cover I have to protect my family.  I really think I am getting a good policy for a really good price.”

“It fulfils all my requirements, can be paid through super instead of coming out of my own pocket, and the protection continues until retirement age.”

Winner: AIA Australia

Finalist: CommInsure

Finalist: ClearView

Best New Customer Service

The winner of this award has been rated by new policyholders as being the best for helpfulness, returning phone calls or emails quickly, being available and contactable when needed, and resolving problems quickly and efficiently.

“They were easy to deal with and everything was made easy.  My questions were answered quickly, paperwork was straight forward and communication was fantastic.”

“They have good packaged deals and offers, they work for their customers as customers are very important for them.”

Winner: ClearView

Finalist: MLC

Finalist: OnePath

Most Satisfied Customers

The insurer that had the most satisfied customers achieved this award for not only satisfying new customers, but also continuing to satisfy their customers who have kept their policy with them for two or more years.

“I’ve had a number of questions and tweaks needed to the cover and every time they’ve been very clear in their communication and quickly dealt with the issues.”

“I receive my policy renewal on time, I’m made aware of any changes to my policy and am contacted back after making an enquiry about my policy.  There’s no pointless contact.”

Winner: ClearView

Finalist: OnePath

Finalist: Zurich

Claims Customer Choice Awards

The Claims Customer Choice Awards recognise outstanding service to advised claims customers of income protection, Trauma and TPD insurance during 2018.   Recognition is given to exemplary service in claims processing, support and holistic care.

Best Application Process

Lodging the claim and the assessment process are the two most important areas for new claims customers.  This Award recognises the insurer that performed best across both of these areas.

“No multi-page forms to fill out. The process was through a number of telephone discussions with my case worker. This allowed me to effectively explain my circumstances, something which would be very difficult to do on a pre-formatted form. I am very impressed with the case worker’s involvement through this process.”

Winner: ClearView

Finalist: OnePath

Finalist: BT Financial Group

Best Turnaround Time

The importance of having a claim processed as quickly and efficiently as possible cannot be underestimated. Claims customers have experienced a significant life event and knowing that their financial situation is secure enables them to focus on getting their life back on track.

“Everything was processed in the agreed timeframes.  They processed the claim and honoured the contract and paid the agreed amount. This has been incredibly valuable to me.”

Winner: OnePath

Finalist: AMP

Finalist: ClearView

Best Claims Staff

Empathy, sensitivity and compassion, qualifications, experience, communication and honouring commitments are just some of the staff qualities and attributes that claims customers value most.  The winner of this award have the best claims staff as judged by claims customers.

“They treated me with compassion in a difficult time. I felt like they wanted to help which is exactly what we paid the premium for.”

“My case worker had a lot of empathy especially at a time when I was struggling to recover from major surgery and had great concerns about my future. They were very knowledgeable and reliable – they did what they said they would do.”

Winner: ClearView

Finalist: BT Financial Group

Finalist: OnePath

Return to Health & Wellness

Speaking with so many claims customers, we know that claims management must be focused on the client and keeping their needs central to the claims process at all times. The winners and finalist of this award succeed in doing this when it is most needed.

“I have received support from a physiologist, and the promise of vocation support in the future.  They have also helped with a psychologist to assist me with a new career pathway.”

Winner: BT Financial Group

Finalist: OnePath

Finalist: AMP

Focus on Early Intervention

This Award is based on the following question claims customers rate their insurer’s performance in helping them return to health and wellness early on in their claim through early provision of health services.

“They sent specialists out early on in the claim, accessibility to my case worker was excellent with open and proactive action.  They really understood my situation – it was unique.  They really worked hard to find the best outcome for me.”

Winner: BT Financial Group

Finalist: ClearView

Finalist: AMP