Consumers’ Choice of the Year Awards

Once again, the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and the Beddoes Institute are proud to announce the Consumer Choice Awards which are underpinned by the Beddoes Institute’s Policyholder Perceptions Study and Claims Journey Study.  These Awards are so important as they are judged by the claims customer, the policyholder and assist advisers and their clients as they choose life, trauma, total permanent disability (TPD), and income protection insurers and policies.

The Consumer Choice Award recognises the company that is performing best at putting customers first and honouring their commitments to customers.

The Claims Customer Choice Awards acknowledge the insurers that are performing best at helping claims customers return to health and wellness. In addition companies with the best claims staff, application process and the fastest turnaround time are recognised.

The Policyholder Choice Awards recognise outstanding customer service as well as value for money.

“Great Financial Advice underpins the financial and emotional wellbeing for thousands of Australians and the cornerstone is often the protection provided by life insurance. When an adviser recommends a product, it is so important that the product and the insurer deliver a customer experience that lives up to and ideally exceeds expectations, at a time when it matters the most.” 

“Through rigorous Benchmarking we are confident the Life Insurance Industry Performance Barometer conducted by the Beddoes Institute not only recognises those companies who are excelling, but also sets the benchmark and therefore raises the standard for the entire industry. This instills trust and confidence for both Advisers and their clients.”

Phil Kewin, CEO – Association of Financial Advisers